SpiralCentric Journeys

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Discover better ways to.... Breathe. Be. Be Better and Happier

We are all on a SpiralCentric journey

We have always known, and science now knows too, that our physical, mental and emotional states interconnect, overlapping and affecting one another like the moon and the tides.

Unresolved issues from our past can affect our physical well-being today. Physical ailments take energy out of our creative, mental, and spiritual energies; out of our relationships too. Our moods can change quickly, at triggers we're often not even aware of.

We often define ourselves by our limitations and this prevents us from growing and being. We often fear it will be terrifying confronting longstanding issues and so we avoid bringing them up. Often we're only aware of the aspects we bump into in our daily lives. As a result, fears, worries and stress can lock us into self-destructive behavior and negative emotional states, only to be sadly repeated as we continue our journey.

But you don't have to resign yourself to living with the things getting in your way, and you don't have to do it alone. In studies, it has been found that the single most important factor in long term psychological well-being is your relationship with your coach or therapist. Tara creates a safe, supportive environment, and you work together on your stuff, whether it's frustrating or down-right scary, and you'll be okay. Identifying, 'hearing', and healing challenging issues is key to living a mindful, balanced and self-fulfilling life.

It's hard work putting putting one's self in the spotlight, to work on our stuff. Our inner voices often tell us there are more important things, we're being 'selfish', it's too scary or too hard, or it's somehow inconsequential. Our inner voice often talks us out of things we know deep down would make life much better for us, our work, our relationships, and our children.

Each of us is on our own spiralcentric journey. Everyone's journey has a multitude of complicated facets. You're feeling overwhelmed, tired, unfocused, or just know you're not your best self right now? You've tried things on your own, but somehow you can't stick with anything? Sometimes it's not anything specific; you just feel blah, stressed out, you can't think, or you can't stop all the whirring thoughts...You may have gone to the gym, or yoga, or to meditation workshops. And you felt better, but then got back into your day to day, and lost track of it.

Tara started SpiralCentric to help people feel good. First, we look at what's working for you and what's not. Then we work at your pace using alternative techniques specifically tailored to your challenges. You can move slow and gentle, or you can challenge yourself to bigger and better breakthroughs that move you more quickly along your path to better physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

We are all on a SpiralCentric Journey. If you want your journey, your life, to be better, start with Tara now.